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How to Recognize Your Parents May Need Help

Admitting the need for help and accepting assistance is not easy for people as they age. Most of us want to maintain our independence and are reluctant to acknowledge that we're having difficulty coping with the daily tasks we used to find easy to complete. More often than not, it is an adult child who notices disturbing signs that their parent may be experiencing problems.

Here are a few things to watch for:

o Changes in Physical Function or Mental Status o Difficulty keeping track of time o Sleeping for most of the day o Poor diet or weight loss o Loss of interest in hobbies and activities o Changes in mood or extreme mood swings o Difficulty getting up from a seated position o Difficulty with walking, balance and mobility

o Unexplained bruising or injuries o Forgetting to take medications

o Poor Personal Hygiene o Unpleasant body odour o Infrequent showering or bathing o Strong smell or urine in the house or on clothing o Decline in personal grooming (wearing stained clothing, uncombed hair etc.)

o Neglecting Household Tasks o Little or no fresh food in the fridge, or spoiled food o Stacks of unopened mail o Dust, dirt, laundry piling up

If you notice any of these things, the first step may be to contact a Home Care Service

to see how they can help. Companion Services for Seniors excels in providing seniors with kind and compassionate attention for a wide variety of needs. For more information please check out our website

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